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Comments Off on Ecclesiastical Council Announcement (Steeple 2017.02)

Ecclesiastical Council Announcement (Steeple 2017.02)

As mentioned in my article last month, as you read this, there is only a day or two before my Ecclesiastical Council, the final step toward Commissioned Ministry in Music. At this event I will speak about the highlights of the process, and summarize my faith and music journeys as they relate to my role […]

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Comments Off on Our Changing Community (Steeple 2017.01)

Our Changing Community (Steeple 2017.01)

As I reflected on 2016, in developing my annual report this month, I came to see the year that’s passed as a transitional one here at Edwards Church, the music program included. A year ago, we stood as three churches here in Framingham, seeing each other but a few times annually. A year ago, our […]

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Comments Off on Advent Comes to Edwards Church! (Steeple 2016.12)

Advent Comes to Edwards Church! (Steeple 2016.12)

Advent is one of the most perfect times to be a church musician. My mother used to forbid listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, so when I became a church musician, I was happy to be able to say, “It’s required for my job!” But, for me, the significance of church music in Advent goes […]

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Comments Off on Thanksgiving Blessings (Steeple 2016.11)

Thanksgiving Blessings (Steeple 2016.11)

Our Stewardship anthem this year is called “Blessings Abound”. I chose it earlier in the year, and it’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts! Think of the blessings we are sharing right now at Edwards Church. In the music program alone, we have new friends singing with us, new small groups offering special music, and […]

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Let’s Sing About Singing! (Steeple 2016.10)

01 Oct 2016 | Comments Off on Let’s Sing About Singing! (Steeple 2016.10)

This month, we will sing a number of anthems about singing. Once you add music to a text about praising God through song, you suddenly create an infinite loop, something like two mirrors facing each other, or a camera pointed at a TV showing that camera’s feed. It’s easy to wrapped up in an anthem […]

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Our Bright Future Together (Steeple 2016.09)

01 Sep 2016 | Comments Off on Our Bright Future Together (Steeple 2016.09)

As fall comes into view, so too does a new and exciting season for our music program at Edwards Church. A very deep thanks to the music committee for making the transition during Don’s retirement as smooth as possible. It was a very busy summer, and I greatly appreciated the help of Jane Ezbicki and […]

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A Busy Summer Ahead (Steeple 2016.07)

01 Jul 2016 | Comments Off on A Busy Summer Ahead (Steeple 2016.07)

I always find it such a joy to attend the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Conference of the UCC. I just returned, and am feeling very inspired by the great conversations and presentations, and by getting to know peers whom I have only emailed with in the past. This year’s worship leader was Ken Medema, […]

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An Offering of Thanks (Steeple 2016.06)

01 Jun 2016 | Comments Off on An Offering of Thanks (Steeple 2016.06)

The choir rounds out a wonderful year on June 12, and as always, I can’t say enough about their dedication this year. That morning, we will honor the group and present new pins to those who have reached a five-year milestone of service. It is my hope that choir is a fun outlet for our […]

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Year-End Indulgence (Steeple 2016.05)

01 May 2016 | 1 comment

May will see a number of pieces that are very special to me. As we near the end of the season, and finish the Easter season, and reach Pentecost, it all seems like a joyful time to have fun with our music. On Mothers’ Day, you will hear Thomas Tallis’ anthem “If Ye Love Me”, […]

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Through New Ears (Steeple 2016.04)

01 Apr 2016 | Comments Off on Through New Ears (Steeple 2016.04)

I’m excited for the opportunity on April 3 for the choir to sing with Willie Sordillo’s band as part of Jazz Sunday. The anthem we will offer as part of that very musical service will be “We Will Walk in the Light!“, a song that was already familiar to us, having performed it earlier this […]

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