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Advent Comes to Edwards Church! (Steeple 2016.12)

Advent is one of the most perfect times to be a church musician. My mother used to forbid listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, so when I became a church musician, I was happy to be able to say, “It’s required for my job!”

But, for me, the significance of church music in Advent goes much deeper than the notes itself. It’s what happens in the rehearsal room that really matters. In a world where we’re told to always be on the move, fidgety, and “busy”, I find it so freeing that for an hour or so each week during the busiest time of the secular year, it’s our responsibility to get together in a warm, inviting room, Christmas lights from neighboring homes reflecting off the windows, and sing with each other. I’ve been in a number of choirs whose final weeks in December are full of angst, preparing an overly ambitious concert or program. But, the importance of this new realization has led me to be a very different choir director; one who values the time of his members, and wants everyone to enjoy those same comforting feelings of worshiping in Advent. Christ will soon be among us in the form of “Emmanuel” (God with us). This is not the time to be panicked and ill-prepared. It’s a time to prepare quietly and calmly, it’s a sleeping baby, after all!

We invite you to join in all of our Advent services this December, each with its own form of special music, leading us toward a joy-filled fully-musical service on December 18, and a reflective Christmas Eve to welcome “the newborn king” by candlelight at 9:00 p.m., a week later. We look forward to worshiping with you!

Rick Seaholm

December 1, 2016 | Steeple | Comments Off on Advent Comes to Edwards Church! (Steeple 2016.12)

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