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Let’s Sing About Singing! (Steeple 2016.10)

This month, we will sing a number of anthems about singing. Once you add music to a text about praising God through song, you suddenly create an infinite loop, something like two mirrors facing each other, or a camera pointed at a TV showing that camera’s feed. It’s easy to wrapped up in an anthem that is so full of joy. One, in particular, “How Can I Keep From Singing?”, has been sung many times here, but not in the many years that I’ve been conducting. Jane Ezbicki will join Susan for the accompanying responsibilities that morning. I really look forward to hearing that.
In mid-October, I will meet with the Central Association’s Committee on Ministry to discuss my final paper, with the aim toward being named a Commissioned Minister of Music of the UCC. I anticipate a wonderful conversation with the committee and the various steps that will follow soon after.
It’s been an incredible blessing to work with Susan and Cheryl so far this year, and I look forward to many more weeks of rehearsing and worshiping with each of them. You will have noticed by now that our choir is a bit larger this year than it was last spring. There’s always room for even more of you! If you have interest in joining our joyful noise, please contact me.
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