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An Offering of Thanks (Steeple 2016.06)

The choir rounds out a wonderful year on June 12, and as always, I can’t say enough about their dedication this year. That morning, we will honor the group and present new pins to those who have reached a five-year milestone of service. It is my hope that choir is a fun outlet for our singers here, but it never escapes me that it is a lot of work, and requires incredible amounts of dedication week after week. I am so grateful to this flock of mine, and can’t wait to get started again this September! The words of our final anthem of the year put our mission so beautifully to words: “With so many roads to follow, so many dreams, and schemes to plan, If I may not change the whole wide world, may I do the best I can.”
-Rick Seaholm
June 1, 2016 | Steeple | Comments Off on An Offering of Thanks (Steeple 2016.06)

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