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Through New Ears (Steeple 2016.04)

I’m excited for the opportunity on April 3 for the choir to sing with Willie Sordillo’s band as part of Jazz Sunday. The anthem we will offer as part of that very musical service will be “We Will Walk in the Light!“, a song that was already familiar to us, having performed it earlier this year. It’s always enjoyable for me to “re-sing” a selection, either in the same year, or across multiple years. In these reprises, we are given the chance to work more closely on material that we found challenging the first time around. Often, we find that the piece simply sits more comfortably, allowing us to do even more work on nuance and interpretation. In this particular instance, singing with a different accompaniment (provided by the band instead of piano alone), will no doubt inform the ways in which the piece is sung and heard. We look forward to seeing you Sunday, April 3!

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