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Music Class Coming Up! (Steeple 2015.05)

On May 31, I will be teaching a music appreciation class in Susan P. Dickerman Hall, following worship (that is, roughly 11:30-1:00). It comes about as a result of a silent auction prize at the Spring Fling in March. There, I offered to teach a classical music session, open to all, on the winner’s preferred topic. I approached Janet Sanders immediately following, and asked if she had any ideas. She told me that as she walked back to her chair, from placing her wager, she was inspired on a particular topic, and we got to chatting, in person, followed by some email conversation in the coming weeks.

The course will focus on the identification of music, and what makes a piece sound familiar. She mentioned how she has developed familiarity for Tchaikovsky’s music, through a lifetime love of The Nutcracker, but wonders, is it possible to recognize an unfamiliar piece as Beethoven, or Mozart, from a first listen. In fact, each composer does have a series of tricks that they rely on, due both to their own hallmarks and cultural norms of their times. In this workshop, we’ll examine some of those hallmarks, and outline the expected features of the many periods of music starting with the Renaissance. In such a short period, we will only scratch the surface, but I promise there will be something for everyone, you’ll definitely learn!

Rick Seaholm
Choir Director

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