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Happy New Year! (Steeple 2015.01)

Happy New Year! A busy fall concludes, and what is sure to be a busy spring begins! I couldn’t have been happier with the Advent and Christmas Eve services that were held at Edwards Church. I’m always inspired to see energetic faces looking back at me as we go through our challenging Special Music Sundays. A special thanks to our soloists and instrumentalists (especially the members of On the Fence!) this December as well. It’s been excellent working with all these fine musicians.

This spring, in addition to meaningful and joyous music across the Lenten and Easter and Pentecost services, my goal is to hold another music appreciation workshop for singers and non-singers alike. I’d be interested to learn what participants would like to learn more about. I could hold a class on a particular piece again (as we did last spring with the Bach Mass in B minor class), or take a more broad survey of a musical period or style. Or even a basic music theory session. As you’ve heard me say before, I believe strongly in the importance of music in our lives, even if you are not inclined to perform music yourself. If you have suggestions of topics, please do let me know!

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