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The Gifts We Bring (Steeple 2014.11)

On the heels of last year’s successful hymn competition, I submitted an article for inclusion in the UCC Musicians Association’s journal Worship, Music and Ministry. The target audience of the article was the small town church who would never believe that they have the resources and capacity to take on a project such as that. I presented a step by step chronology of our project, so that it could easily be followed by congregations in our peer group. I was so delighted, in receiving my Fall 2014 issue this past week, to find that my article had been published for “all the world” to see. I know from reading choral message boards and, likewise, from speaking to many parishioners of smaller churches like Edwards, that we all can sometimes fall into a complex in which the world seems too large for us to carve out our own identity. I admit I felt the same way in submitting that article in the first place. Why, I pondered, would they want advice from someone like me? This experience helped to remind me that the “story” is there for all of us, what we need more often is not the story, but the confidence to tell that story. Each of us brings a special gift to Edwards Church, be it choir member, preacher, committee member, or volunteer in some other capacity. I invite us all, as we enter this stewardship month to see the truth behind that statement, and recognize everything we do here as a gift, something that we offer to the world in the name of God. 
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