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Choir Recognition (Steeple 2014.06)

June 8 will be the choir’s final Sunday service before returning in the fall for another exciting season of music-making. This has been a very successful year for our music program, and we will go out with a bang, so to speak. Our final service coincides with Pentecost this year and what better time to have special music! We will “speak in tongues”, as the saying goes, observing Pentecost in English, Spanish, Church Slavonic, and Sesotho.

Additionally, at the same service, we will recognize the choir, as always, for their outstanding efforts this year. A lot is asked of these volunteers each week, and they always prove to be up to the task. It will be with great joy that I thank them for this commitment of time and talent.

I rarely thank you, the rest of the congregation, for your support of the music program at Edwards, but it doesn’t go without notice. I have learned throughout the years that our community is one that loves music, be it choral, classical, jazz, or bluegrass, and we are so fortunate to have not only a corps of individuals who are capable and willing to share their gifts, but also an even larger group who are there each week to enjoy the music, and hear God “still speaking” between the notes.

This is the conclusion of my fifth program year at Edwards Church, with no end in sight. As you’ve learned, I could not live without music, and so many aspects of my life center on music in some form or fashion. Likewise, it seems impossible for me to imagine a life without Edwards. Thank you all for the first five wonderful years as part of the family.

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