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Invitation to Stewardship Singing (Steeple 2013.11)

Throughout Stewardship month, we will witness proof that when we strive toward a common goal. anything is possible. On November 10, our sopranos and altos will sing a simple song, “One Voice” which leads us from one to two to three voices, and finally to “the sound of all of us”. The following week, our tenors and basses will sing a fun example of what happens “When We All Get Together with the Lord.” All of this will lead us back to a fully combined choir, and to an opportunity for anyone who’s interested to join us on November 24, Stewardship Dedication Sunday. On that morning, if you are interested to join us at our 9:00 rehearsal, please do so! A short term commitment, to say the least, in which you will join the choir in leading the congregation through a medley of familiar Thanksgiving hymns at our 10:00 service. If you have questions, please let me know, either by email or at coffee hour in the weeks leading up to that day.

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