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15 Anthems and a Cantata (Steeple 2013.09)

Debbie and I have finalized the fall choral music schedule, and what a season it is turning out to be! We’ve got a great core of singers and I’m hoping to see them all in the usual chairs very soon. But could this be the year you try out or possibly return to singing?

This summer saw some of the finest proof yet that singing is a life-changing experience, with the release of a very exciting study out of Sweden which shows that when a choir sings together their heart rates become in sync with each other. What better illustration of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 18:20 [look it up!] could there be?

Do your body and soul the favor of being a part of our joyful noise. We will meet at 7:15 on Thursday nights throughout the fall (beginning 9/5 and excepting 9/26, 10/24, 11/28, and  12/26)  in the Susan P. Dickerman Hall, preparing for a Christmas cantata, a men’s piece, a women’s piece, and a variety of other anthems representing many styles, composers, and periods. My goal is to keep the folders full of diverse music, and to have fun as dedicated leaders of the church.

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